iran pistachio export company

iran pistachio export company

Iran pistachio export company, due to the extensive exports of pistachios to all five continents, should recognize the tastes of different countries. People from different countries have different tastes. The supply and export of the product in accordance with the taste of the buyer’s country can be a source of satisfaction for both sides of the transaction. Iran’s pistachios are also diverse. Therefore, exporters can meet the needs of different countries.

In the following article we introduce the Iranian pistachio. We also introduce customers of each cultivars separately.

Types of Iran pistachio cultivars

The five varieties you see below are known as commercial pistachio cultivars in Iran. Each cultivar has specific physical and as well as chemical characteristics.

iran pistachio export company

Iran pistachio export company

Akbari pistachio (super long)

Pistachio Akbari is known in the international market, known by name super long. Among the most popular types of Iranian pistachios are the most drawn types. Also it’s of large pistachios. 20-22, 22-24 and as well as 24-26 sizes of this pistachio. The UAE, Iraq, Qatar, the European Union, as well as Russia and … are among the countries that like this type of Iranian pistachio. Exporters of pistachios to send Akbari pistachio to the European Union should pay attention to the limit of Aflatoxin in pistachios.

AA pistachio (long pistachio)

Commercial named of AA Pistachio is long pistachio. It is sized in sizes 24-26, 26-28, 28-30 and also 30-32. We can also mention the most important customers of AA Pistachio in the world market to the following countries.

  • India
  • Russia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Also the EU
  • Emirates
    And …

Fandoghi and Badami pistachios

The smallest of Iran’s pistachios are Fandoghi and also Badami pistachios. Fandoghi pistachio is round. Badami pistachio is long. Both are available in sizes 28 to 38. The countries

  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Also Russia and Kazakhstan
  • Of course, the European Union
    And …

are the customers of this figure are pistachios.

Jumbo pistachio (Kalleh Ghuchi)

Kalleh Ghuchi pistachio with Jumbo Trading name has extensive exports to the European Union and also the UAE. There is also a high domestic consumption in Iran itself. Manufacturers of sizes make this pistachio in size in ounces 20-22, 22-24 and 24-26, of course.

Tabriz Green Diamond pistachio (Anata Nuts) Company produces and exports various types of pistachio, as well as pistachio kernels and its products. The company exports directly to various countries of the world.

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