pistachio rate in iran

pistachio rate in iran

Pistachio rate in Iran vary and fluctuate over time. What is the reason for changing Iran’s pistachio price in different times?

In pistachio trade, the two parameters of quality and price are the most important topics for negotiations. This is true not only of pistachios but also of man of every product, goods and services.

Iran is one of the most important pistachio suppliers. It offers pistachios not only in the consumer market but also around the world. Therefore, in addition to changing domestic market conditions, the international market situation also affects the fluctuation of pistachio prices.

Validity of pistachio price in Iran and reasons for fluctuating pistachio price in Iran

The pistachio’s credibility in the Iranian market is often less than 5 days. Of course, it depends on the time we’re in (which month of the year). In general, the factors affecting the pistachio rate in Iran can be mentioned in the following three cases:

  • Change the amount of demand
  • Change the supply amount by manufacturers
  • Also change the dollar rate in the Iranian market

All three issues affect the price of pistachio in Iran. These three parameters are the function of events that occur in the Iranian society and the world, which can reduce or increase supply and demand.

The third case, the oscillation of the dollar that is heavily in the Iranian market, is another factor affecting the price of pistachios. Of course, this price change may be less evident in dollar terms than the rial.

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