pistachio export from Iran

pistachio export from Iran

The statistics show that pistachio export from Iran are very high and significant. Iran is one of the largest countries in this field.

In this article, we are going to present a brief summary of pistachio exports from Iran. This statistic has been published by INC. Looking at these statistics, we see that Iran has a huge share in the supply of pistachios needed by global markets.


Statistics for pistachio export from Iran

According to statistics released by inc, the annual exports of pistachios in 2015, about 42% of it is made by Iran. The amount of pistachio export from iran this year was about 125 thousand tons. Other countries that rank second and third respectively are the United States and China. These countries also accounted for 26 and 17% of total exports (respectively).

Of course, the average 5-year export can give us more detailed information. The statistics show that on average over the five-year period from 2010 to 2015 Iran accounted for 40% of total pistachio exports. And the USA and China have made about 34 and 14 percent respectively of pistachio exports.

As the statistics show, pistachio export from iran is very high. And in fact, Iran is the main pistachio exporter in the world.

Obviously, if we can access pistachio export companies in Iran, we can have access to the main source of pistachios. So we can buy pistachios with quality, price and good conditions and bring to our country.

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