the pistachio factory in iran

the pistachio factory in iran

How does the pistachio factory in iran determine the quality and also price of pistachios? What are the characteristics of Iranian pistachio? How can one review the quality of a pistachio cargo?

Pistachio is a tree product and also kind of fruit that has different qualities. We review this product based on various parameters. The standards of the Iranian Pistachio Association, as well as the FAO standard and, of course, the standard of the various countries, have outlined these parameters.

Want to know the pistachio factory in Iran, how the quality and price of a cargo of pistachios measures? It is certainly based on the quality of the product, but how can we determine the quality of pistachio cargo?

The pistachio wholesale price in iran

The pistachio factory in iran, at the stage of separating the pistachios and packing it, looks at the following. Of course, sometimes it is necessary to enter the product into the second and third separation stages so that we can prepare the product for customer demand.

We have put pistachio quality items in the table below. We often see each of these items in pistachios. What matters is the percentage of each pistachio cargo. This is the quality of pistachio. Based on these same things, we will announce the price of pistachios. The pistachio plant in Iran often focuses on the taste of the destination and the buyer’s country in the preparation of pistachio cargo, which separates the product and packaging it.

You can contact us to inquire about the inventory and the quality price you are requesting from various postal items.

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