buy bulk pistachios online from iran

buy bulk pistachios online from iran

Buy bulk pistachios online from Iran is simply possible due to its significant development in the field of e-commerce and the preparation of prerequisites by exporters.

We are in the internet age. An era where distance and time limitations have no meaning. Other businessmen from different countries do not need to travel or spend on trade. And even when they intend to travel to the place of supply, they will check before they come to visit and after the initial agreement with the supplier, they will be more confident to the place of purchase.

Many business domains are now covered by this trading method. Most developed countries provide these facilities to their customers.


Iranian pistachios for sale online

One of the most important crops in Iran is pistachios. Iran makes global pistachio trade with most countries in the world as a supplier of this product. Fortunately, Iranian pistachio suppliers have been up-to-date and have provided online transactions to their customers.


Prerequisites for online sales pistachios

One of the most important prerequisites is the creation of credible international bank accounts, assistance with contracts with reliable inspection companies, cooperation with international transportation and insurance companies, and more.

Understanding step-by-step online transactions provides credible credentials by providing approved forms such as PI (Performa invoic), ICPO, LOI (Letter of credit), FCO.

Pleas read the step-by-step online bulk pistachio in the shopping guide. This section is located on the front page of the site.


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