Persian pistachios for sale bulk

packing of Persian pistachios for sale bulk

We pack and deliver Persian pistachios for sale bulk in several bulk packaging models according to the country of destination and its standards.

Pistachio suppliers in Iran are the most commonly used packaging for pistachios. This type of packaging is suitable for many countries. But for some countries, due to the distance from Iran, certain standards and …, we need to choose another type of packaging.

In the following, we will describe the common packaging we use for pistachios and their products in the export of pistachios. And then we will have a small mention of special packages for some countries.


Popular packaging of Persian pistachio for sale bulk

Packing of pistachio in shell and pistachio kernels

The packaging we usually use for pistachios in shell is 50kg bags. We pack the pistachio kernels in two models of bag and carton. Pistachio bag packing weighs 70 kilograms and carton packing of pistachio kernels is weighs 10 and 12.5 kilograms.

Packing of product’s pistachio

The pistachio slice is packed in a cardboard box. A small 5.5kg carton, then four of which are packed into large 22kg packages.


Buy bulk pistachio nuts

Depending on the destination, the packaging may be different for pistachios. For example, in the delivery of pistachios to countries with distances far from Iran and countries with specific and strict standards, we use vacuum packaging.

Vacuum is the best pistachio model that preserves this product from environmental factors. Vacuum packaging for pistachios in shell are bags of different weights. Also for pistachio kernels, we use 10 and 12.5kg of vacuum.


You can request a different type of packaging. In this case, if the buyer applies for another model of packaging, the seller must disclose the cost difference.

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