pistachio nuts for sale australia

pistachio nuts for sale australia

A variety of pistachio nuts for sale Australia can be any of the pistachio cultivars. The diversity of Iranian pistachio is considered to be very high and suitable for supply in the markets of different countries.

In many articles, we have been discussing the variety of Iranian pistachios and the taste of different countries in the purchase of pistachios. By examining the type of request from different countries in buying pistachios, we found how tastes differences are in product selection. Pistachio nuts for sale australia also is differ than other countries such as russia or other.

In addition to differences in taste, different countries have different standards for trade and imports of pistachios. Look at the following examples.


The pistachio price in Europe

EU countries are one of the countries that have a different standard than the standards defined by the FAO. The standard of these countries regarding the level of aflatoxin in pistachios is as follows:

For aflatoxin B 1: the maximum level is 8 ppb.
For total aflatoxin: the maximum level is 10 ppb.

This means that in pistachios exports to the European Union, pistachios that have aflatoxin levels below these numbers can enter Europe, otherwise they will be returned to the European Union.


The pistachio price in Singapore

Singapore has also defined different standards for FAO. In the standard of this country, the maximum aflatoxin in pistachios can be 5 pp. This number is for total aflatoxin. In the trade and import of pistachios, this country analyse and examine the pistachio cargo is according to this standard. Pistachio cargo that have more than aflatoxin levels are non-standard and unhealthy in terms of standards in Singapore.

We prepare pistachio according to the country of destination request. Accordingly, it may be necessary to process extra steps in order to load a particular country.

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