bulk buy persian pistachios

bulk buy persian pistachios

The various countries buy Persian pistachios such as India, Hong Kong, UAE, Turkey, Russia, Germany, Vietnam, and so on.

If we look at the statistics on bulk buy Persian pistachios, we will see that Persian pistachios are being sold in different countries. Iran’s pistachios are familiar to many merchants of this product. The unique taste of it will not be forgotten by anyone who has been eaten. Fortunately, Iran is one of the largest pistachio producers in the world. It offers this unique product in the market of many countries. Most of the world’s consumers have enjoyed the taste of Persian pistachio.


Persian pistachio for sale

The most important commercial pistachio cultivars of Iran are five types. These five types, Akbari, Ahmad Aghaei, Kalleh ghouchi, Fandoghi as well as Badami, are from three groups of long, round and Jumbo pistachios. Akbari pistachios and Ahmad Aghaei are from the long group and Fandoghi pistachios from the group Round. And the Kalleh ghouchi pistachios are in the jumbo group.
Each pistachio cultivars have varieties of open as well as closed pistachios. Closed seeds of any type of pistachios, or become pistachio kernels, or become mechanically opened pistachios. Therefore, all cultivars have both naturally open pistachio and mechanically opened pistachios.

The Persian Pistachio kernels also has a variety of models. Each model has its own unique features due to its unique specifications. In the previous articles, we introduced the types of pistachio kernels. The use of pistachio kernels is both commonly as nuts and also as an essential ingredient in the production of all kinds of products.

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