iranian pistachio grades

iranian pistachio grades

What are the criteria for pistachio producers to classify different iranian pistachio grades? What are these physical and chemical characteristics? How much are the prices of Iranian pistachio nuts?

Iran’s pistachio has a very diverse selection. In the first step, sorting and grading of pistachio, type as well as variety are considered. There are three types of pistachios in shell.

  • Naturally opened pistachios
  • Mechanically opened pistachios
  • Also close shell pistachios

After determining the type of pistachio, we must specify the variety of pistachio. Each pistachio variety has the three types listed above. Iran’s pistachio has five main commercial cultivars. These are the pistachios of Akbari, Ahmad Aghaei, Also Kalleh ghuchi, Fadoghi and Badami.

After determining the type and number, the size of the pistachio is another one to choose. The size of the pistachio is proportional to the physical characteristics of the pistachios. Each kind and variety of pistachios is made up of several different sizes. for example:

  • Pistachio Akbari has a size of 18 to 26 ounces.
  • While the Fandoghi pistachio has a size of 28 to 36.
  • Also the Ahmad Aghaei pistachio has size of 24 to 32.
  • And …

These three parameters not only parameter for classification of pistachios. Other physical and also chemical characteristics are taken into consideration in categorizing and grading the quality of the various pistachios. We present this in the product section for each product in full in the form of tables. In this section, we have fully described the physical and also chemical characteristics of each specific quality of pistachio.


Prices of Iranian pistachio grades

As it is clear from the above, Iran’s pistachio has a very high quality variety. For this reason, the price range for pistachios may have a wide range and also a great deal of longevity. This is obviously due to the diversity of Iran’s pistachios. The difference in prices for pistachios is sometimes over $ 8.5.

To order a product, you need to know the quality of your request. You can read the catalog for a variety of pistachios.
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