iranian pistachio company

iranian pistachio company

How to buy Iranian pistachio company if it is located in countries far from Iran? How can it be done without having to travel to Iran?

Pistachio companies in Iran are suppliers of pistachio products to many countries. We will briefly introduce Iranian pistachios. And then we will talk about the best practices for buying and ordering.

Iranian Pistachios

The most important Iranian pistachio cultivars are two groups and five varieties. The group of pistachios is determined by their appearance. We introduce two groups below:

  • Round pistachios: include Fandoghi pistachio with round pistachio commercial name, Kalleh Ghuchi pistachio with Jumbo pistachio commercial name
  • Pistachios: Contains Akbari pistachio (super long), Ahmad Aghaei (long) as well as Badami.

In addition to pistachios in shell, Iran is also a producer and exporter of pistachios. Containing pistachio kernels, sliced pistachios as well as pistachio powder and etc. To find out about the products of Anata Nuts Co, you can read the catalog.

Now that we understand the Iranian pistachio in brief, we want to introduce the best way to buy and Submit the ordering process.


Buy pistachios from Iranian Pistachio Company

With the development of e-commerce, Iranian pistachio exporters are also looking to provide better services to their customers. Thus, they have provided the prerequisites for doing business transactions with the merchant via the Internet. Now we can easily order and buy pistachios simply and without the need to travel and spend time and expenses on the side.

But we need more guidance. How can we get to know the products of the vendor company? Also, how to ensure the quality of our products? And how to register our order?

Tabriz Green Diamond Pistachio Company with Anata Nuts Co, understands all these questions and needs. And it’s quite simple to answer them. In the shopping guide, we can read each step from the beginning of the company to the final registration of the order. You can simply enter the shopping guide section. It is on the front page of our website.

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