best quality iranian pistachio for sale

best quality iranian pistachio for sale

Best quality Iranian pistachio for sale, which is a type of pistachio? What are the issues in determining the quality of pistachios? In other words, the best quality Iranian pistachios on what basis is selected?

Variety of Iran pistachios is an advantage. Because consumers in different countries like a different kind of pistachio. In other words, different countries have different tastes.

Of the different pistachio qualities, which kind is best known as Iranian pistachio?


Best iranian pistachio nuts

Choosing the best Iranian pistachio nuts is based on the target market. This is due to the difference in the taste of different countries in buying pistachios. But if you question about the best quality of Iranian pistachio, one can talk about it. Choose the best quality Iranian pistachio based on items that are often important in negotiations between buyer and seller.


Iranin pistachio grades

We grade the different quality of Iranian pistachio according to the percentage of defective seeds. List these items below:

  • Percentage of close mouth seed into the pistachio cargo.
  • The percentage of crooked seeds, open seed from bottom and ….
  • Non-uniformity in terms of size and variety.
  • Percentage of external materials such as wood and skin.

Also, things like: The amount of pistachio aflatoxin and … are also important.

The best quality Iranian pistachio is the quality that all of these imperfections are at least possible. Usually, we process these pistachio shipments in several steps of manual separation and preparation. And we will send them to various countries, including England, Singapore, and so on.

To order a variety of pistachios, you can contact us. We introduce different qualities in the catalog. You can read.

Our product list: The Catalog.
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