Iranian pistachio wholesalers

Iranian pistachio wholesalers have a successful presence in international markets. Because Iran is one of the main areas of pistachio production. And of course it’s the largest pistachio exporter in the world.

Iran pistachio has a relatively good position in global markets. But why has Iran’s pistachio exports boomed?
Iran is one of the first countries to cultivate pistachios. Then, with the supply of it in different countries, the people of other countries became familiar with this product. Iranian exporters have played a very active role in increasing pistachio cultivation and trade in the world.


Largest pistachio producer

Iran has long been the most important producer of pistachios in the world. It produced as well as presented the largest volume of pistachios in the world market. It is also the second largest producer of pistachios in terms of volume of production and the largest pistachio exporter.
The pistachio production in Iran is very high. Iran annually produces about 230,000 tons of pistachio per year. And it offers nearly 200,000 of it on the global market.


Iranian pistachio grades

The only reason for the high pistachios exports in Iran is not high pistachio production. The diversity of pistachios in Iran also is another reason. We can explain this in this way.
People in different parts of the world have very different tastes. This discrepancy was also found in the purchase of food products. In the experience we have seen, different countries have different taste choices in choosing the type of pistachio.

Fortunately, the diversity of Iranian pistachio is one of the reasons why Iran could cooperate with different countries in this field.
Therefore, due to the boom of Iran’s export of pistachios, it is possible to diversify the quality and the possibility of meeting the needs of different customers.

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