iranian pistachio for sales

iranian pistachios for sale

The most important iranian pistachio varieties for sale in the world market are Akbari pistachio, AA pistachio, Fandoghi pistachio, Kalleh ghuchi pistachio and also Badami pistachio. Akbari pistachios, AA and Badami are from long varieties. Fandoghi pistachio is round. And Kalleh ghuchi pistachio is a coarse pistachio that called Jumbo.

Countries Buying iranian Pistachio and Their Taste

Different countries have different tastes in buying pistachios. Variety of pistachio cultivars of Iran has been able to meet all the needs. The iranian pistachio are now for sale on the market more than 90 countries be offered. We list some of the countries that like iranian pistachio below.

  • Hong Kong
  • China
  • India
  • Russia
  • Kazakhstan
  • As well as Germany
  • Italy
  • Also Arab countries such as Iraq
  • Vietnam
    And …

To succeed in selling to different countries, we need to know the tastes of different countries. Successful traders are careful about this. For example, some countries, such as the European Union, have defined restrictions on the contamination of Aflatoxin. Exporters should be aware of this issue. Some countries request the product with low price. Such as China, Russia, Kazakhstan, etc. Therefore, Exporters should prepare and send the product in accordance with this requirement.

As we mentioned, one of the most important conditions for success in selling pistachios is the complete awareness of the consumer market. Tabriz Green Diamond pistachio (Anata Nuts) Company with the presence of experienced marketing forces and experienced business advisers, knows the pistachio market to a large extent. Adequate knowledge of the consumer market is one of the most important issues in the success of global pistachio trade.

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