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iranian pistachio price per ton

Iranian pistachio price, high variation. The reason is diversity in the quality of pistachios. Pistachios not only differ in terms of variety, but also differ in terms of type and quality. We have looked at these differences in the following text.

Certainly the reason for the difference in ranian pistachio price is their difference in quality. We want to highlight a few examples of pistachios in this context. You can see two pistachio pictures below. Let’s look at each other’s differences. Therefore, the difference in iranian pistachio price between different qualities can be understood.

shelled pistachios wholesale

picture (2): Fandoghi pistachios 28-30


picture (2): Akbari pistachios 24-26

picture (2): Akbari pistachios 24-26

Iranian pistachio price for Akbari and Fandoghi cultivars

The Iranian pistachio price for the Fandoghi pistachios (1) is less than the Iranian pistachio price for the Akbari variety in the photo (2). Photo (1) is a Fandoghi pistachio. This pistachio is 28-30 ounces. That is, in each ounce, there are 28 to 30 pistachios. With this quantity, we determine the coarseness and size of pistachios. Pistachios are naturally open pistachios. That is, the shellfish is naturally split into a tree. As you can see, the percentage of packed mouthpieces is low and reaches less than 5%.

Photo (2) related to Akbari pistachios. This photo is from Akbari Pistachio with 24-26 ounces and naturally opened pistachios. In an ounce, there are 22 to 24 pistachio seeds. So this product is bigger than the product of Fandoghi Pistachio in (1). One of the reasons for the higher iranian pistachio price for Akbari’s figure than Fandoghi is the same. The percentage of defective seeds is also low in this product and is less than 5%.

The differences in the two pistachios are clear at the top. The reason for the price difference between pistachios is exactly what we mentioned in the text above. Of course, there are other parameters that we will mention in future articles.

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