pistachio price in russia

pistachio price in russia

What is the pistachio price in russia? What is the difference between the different quality pistachios sold in Russia? Is pistachio exports direct from Iran to Russia or through intermediaries?

Russia is from Eurasian countries, which is one of the most important pistachio clients in Iran. It imports Iranian pistachios either directly or through Kazakhstan.

What is the pistachio price in russia?

Iran’s pistachio, which comes to Russia, is in different qualities. Although the highest amount of pistachios imported into Russia from Iran is often cheap, with good prices and reasonable quality. These cultivars are mostly Fandoghi pistachios and Ahmad Aghaei pistachios.

However, some parts of the country also buy high-quality Akbari pistachios. Pistachio Akbari is a large pistachio variety of Iran. Drawn and looks very beautiful. For this reason, it is very interesting for Iranians. But its price is higher than other pistachio cultivars. Although, despite its high price, some countries are applying for it. Some regions of Russia also want Akbari pistachio.

According to the above explanation, the difference in prices between different quality pistachios in the Russian market can be significant.


Pistachio imports to Russia via Kazakhstan

As mentioned above, Russia imports pistachios directly from Iran and also through Kazakhstan.

The reason for sending pistachio cargo from Kazakhstan to Russia is the lower costs of transit and customs clearance. That is why in recent years we have seen an increase in exports of pistachios from Iran to Kazakhstan.

You can see a list of different pistachios quality in the catalog and buy a product.

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