pistachio price per kg in dubai

pistachio price per kg in dubai

How many pistachio price per kg in Dubai? Do you plan to buy pistachios from Iran and want to know the price of pistachios in your own country or in one of the major commercial ports such as Jebel Ali, Dubai?

Loading pistachios from Iran and sending them to Dubai includes additional costs. Including:

  • Shipping cost in Iran
  • Customs fees
  • THC cost
  • Also insurance of loads
  • International shipping from Iran to Dubai
  • And …

The pistachio exporter will declare the ex-work price of the factory after specifying the following:

  • Type, variety as well as size of pistachios
  • Pistachio processing type
  • Type of pistachio packing
  • As well as the pistachio Purchase Volume


pistachio price per kg in the destination

If you intend to receive a product at a specific destination, you must specify the delivery term exactly. The exporting company calculates the peripheral costs based on this parameter. Additional costs include the charges stated above. And then proceeds to announce the final price of pistachios.

Keep in mind, the pistachio purchase tonnage is not only effective in declaring the price of the warehouse door, but it also affects side costs. With the increased tonnage of purchase, costs per kg of pistachios side will be lower.

The Anata Nuts Company exports direct pistachios throughout Iran. In the inquiry of the pistachio price per kg, if you specify the details, you can ask for the price of pistachios in your desired place.

In order to provide speed and ease of service and responsiveness, if you intend to inquire about the price, please fill out the Price inquiry form and send us.

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