pistachio wholesale price india

pistachio wholesale price india

How many pistachio wholesale price are in India? Is it important for Indian businessmen to estimate the final price of pistachios, along with the cost of transportation to India?

Indian people are keen on Iranian pistachios.And now they are one of the Iranian pistachio customers. Iran’s pistachio consumption has increased in India in recent years. And of course, with the introduction of Indian people to the taste of Iranian pistachio, it is expected that the Indian annual demand for pistachios will also increase.

Therefore, some indigenous merchants, because of the Indian people’s interest in Iranian pistachio, have been importing it to their country.


Pistachio wholesale price in India is it?

Once we can announce the final price of pistachio, we will determine the following factors from the buyer’s side and agree on them.

  • Pistachio Quality
  • Package type
  • Pistachio Purchase Volume
  • Also place of delivery

The things we mentioned are the most important things to be agreed upon. Therefore, Changes in each case will have an impact on costs and will lead to a change in the price of pistachios.

For example, we should specify the above items as follows.

  • Pistachio Quality = 26-28 AA Pistachio, naturally opened
  • Package type = 50kg bags
  • Pistachio Purchase Volume = A container of twenty feet
  • Also place of delivery = Indian Nhava Sheva Port

In this case, we can estimate side costs. And we will announce the Updated pistachio price to CIF Nhava Sheva Port.

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