price of pistachio in india

price of pistachio in india

The price of pistachio in India is directly affected by the type of pistachio that it orders us to buy pistachios. Of course, the taste of India is somewhat clear, however, it is our duty to pay attention to the need and kind of request.

India is one of the countries where import volumes for Iranian pistachio have progressed dramatically in recent years. In fact, the amount of pistachio consumption is increasing among Indians.

This country loves pistachios with white skin among Iranian pistachio species. Perhaps for Indian traders, this question is posed, which, according to this country’s taste in India, we suggest which type and model of Iranian pistachio.


Ahmad Aghaei Pistachios for sale in India

Among Pistachio Cultivars of Iran, Pistachio Ahmad Aghaei has white shell. The same thing has given the beauty of this pistachio. Also among different varieties, pistachios are of medium size and average price.

So our first offer to the merchants of India is Pistachio Ahmad Aghaei. Of course, the experience of exporting pistachios to India also shows that Indian consumers and consumers are very fond of this pistachio and welcome it.


Estimated price of pistachio in india

As we mentioned, Pistachio Ahmad Ahaghi is the best pistachio product for sale in India. This size has different sizes and qualities. We mean differences in the quality of pistachios, the difference in physical and chemical parameters. We will explain this below.

The naturally opened of Ahmad Aghaei pistachio in India are more welcome than mechanically opened. Although The naturally opened of Ahmad Aghaei pistachio have a higher price than mechanical smudge pistachios. Among the natural pistachios, Smiling Ahmad Ahaghi, the average quality can be very suitable for this country. However, qualitative selection depends entirely on the buyer’s order and demand….

You can contact us to order a variety of pistachios. Also you can see product List of Anata Nuts Co in the Catalog.

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