bulk pistachio nuts wholesale price

bulk pistachio nuts wholesale price

The pistachio nuts wholesale price in different countries varies. What is the reason for this? We analyze this in two parts.

The reason for the difference in the wholesale price of pistachio nuts in different countries is two issues.

  • The first is the quality of pistachios.
  • The second is the side costs that we spend on shipping the destination country.

The effect of quality parameter on the pistachio nuts wholesale price

Countries that are customers and pistachio buyers have proven to have a different taste in choosing the type of pistachio. Iranian businessmen have been aware of this issue for many years. And they are considering shipping pistachios to different countries. Therefore, it is obvious that Iran’s pistachio prices in a country like Germany are different from the Russian market. Or the price of pistachios in China is different from its price in Singapore. Because these countries do not buy the same models of pistachios in Iran.

The second issue, which we mentioned above, is the side costs that we spend on the delivery of pistachios to the destination.


Impact of lateral transportation costs on the pistachio nuts wholesale price

Countries that buy pistachios from Iran are from all five continents. Some of these countries are near and neighborhood Iran, and some are far from Iran and on the continent. Therefore, given the explanations above, it is essential to inquire about the price of the requested pistachio and the destination. We will answer you in these cases.

In order to request the price of the day for pistachios for the specified destination, please fill the price inquiry form – LOI and send us the following communication methods. Or you can contact us directly.

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