pistachio price per pound 2018 in iran

pistachio price per pound 2018 in iran

The pistachio price per pound 2018 has undergone some changes for several reasons. We want to look at the price of pistachio in Iran in 2018.

Pistachio price per pound 2018 is affected by the supply, demand and exchange rate fluctuations in Iran. The rise in the dollar in Iran in 2018 has had an impact on IRR pistachio price per pound 2018. And has caused it to increase sharply. The reason why the price of pistachios is influenced by the price of the dollar is that the largest amount of pistachio sales is in the export sector. For this reason, pistachio prices are often based on the dollar.

The pistachio fluctuation of price per pound in 2018 is often lower based on the dollar. But the pistachio price per pound of 2018, based on the rial, is strongly fluctuating due to the high price fluctuations of the dollar in Iran. It’s not once or twice a year but more often. In 2018, these fluctuations were also very severe.

Impact of supply and demand on pistachio price per pound 2018

Of course, in addition to the fluctuation of the dollar, the supply and demand have always affected pistachio price per pound. For example, a shortage of crops in the Iranian market will increase pistachio prices if there is still demand from markets for pistachios. While balancing supply on demand, it can prevent pistachio price increases per pound.

Unfortunately, the weather conditions in Iran in 2017-2018 have been such that according to experts, pistachio production in Iran will decrease in 2018. Therefore, pistachio exporters should manage more sales and supply of pistachios. This way they can partly meet the needs of their main customers.

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