price of pistachio in malaysia country

price of pistachio in malaysia country

Malaysian businessmen inquiry the price of pistachio in Malaysia from suppliers to be able to estimate the final cost of imports of pistachios from Iran.

Malaysia is one of several Asian countries that is a Iran pistachio customer. In fact, Malaysia is one of the major Iran pistachio buyers. The name of this country has often been listed on the list of Iranian pistachio importers (according to the Customs Office of the Islamic Republic of Iran).


The price of pistachio in Malaysia in bulk and packed

Iran send the pistachios to Malaysia in a variety of small packages or in bulk. Sellers sale the packaged pistachios in stores and hypermarkets in different countries. Therefore, depending on the packaging or bulk of the pistachios, the delivery price in Malaysia can vary.

Of course, the type of packaging is not the only factor in the price difference, the type of pistachio is also effective. Because Malaysia is not a customer of a specific Iranian pistachio. The country imports Ahmad Aghaei, Fandoghi and so on to meet the needs of its consumers.

Also, as we mentioned earlier, other items such as a side costs of exports and imports of pistachios, affect the final price of pistachios. These are the peripheral services that the vendor attempts to obtain with customer satisfaction. For example, an agreement on the delivery term in Malaysia, based on negotiations between the parties.

You can contact our experts to buy and import Iranian pistachios and pistachio products to Malaysia. After reviewing your purchase details, we can offer the quality and price that is close to your request.


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