pistachio price per pound

pistachio price per pound

What is the pistachio price per pound based on what parameters? In other words, what are the points to consider in pricing and selling pistachios?

Iran’s pistachio has a variety of products. Each pistachio has different physical and chemical properties of the other type. Even in the case of a particular variety and type, there may be a difference in quality between two consignments of pistachios.

Therefore, we see the price difference and the wide range of prices for pistachios. This is a good thing. Because it gives buyers a chance to make choices. And can be responsive to different tastes.

But the question is, what causes the difference in quality and therefore the price difference between pistachios? We will discuss a few of them in this article.

Pistachio variety and its size

After choosing the type of pistachio ,we present here the naturally opened type, the variety and size of pistachio will be important. The first issue that comes up is the type of pistachio cultivars . Pistachio cultivars include Akbari, Ahmad Aghaei, Fandoghi, and others. These cultivars are different in price.

Each cultivar has multiple sizes. The size of pistachios is based on the number in an ounce. The less number in the one ounce, the bigger pistachios and so the pistachios price per pound will be higher.


Physical properties of pistachios

There may be a percentage of defective seeds in pistachios. Including closed mouth pistachios, also crooked mouth pistachios and …. The lower the percentage of each of these defects, means that the pistachio quality is higher. Therefore, the pistachio price per pound will be higher.

We make pistachios based on this item in five quality ranges:

  • The super quality pistachio
  • Pistachio with excellent quality
  • First class quality pistachios
  • Second Degree Quality Pistachios
  • Also third grade quality pistachio

We examined these qualities in terms of the percentage of defects in the “Naturally Opened Pistachios” section. The mentioned issues are some of the issues raised in pistachio quality and pricing.

Your loved ones can register your order by checking the different qualities in the products section and selecting the product you want. Also, we’ve included the shopping guide for speeding up and simplifying the ordering process. This section can help you.

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