pistachio price in china country

pistachio price in china country

Pistachio price in china country is the most important factor for Chinese traders. Iran’s pistachio exports are made in various items to china, including pistachios in shell in various naturally opened and mechanically opened types as well as pistachio kernels. 

China is the largest importer of pistachios in the world. international organizations record this issue in their. Iran is one of the pistachio suppliers in the world. Which also provides a significant percentage of China’s market demand.

Pistachio price in china country

China imports various pistachios from Iran. These items include naturally opened and mechanically opened types as well as pistachio kernels. Each product has different qualities. Among the different qualities of these pistachio items, medium quality and affordable prices are the best option. Because Chinese traders value pistachio price in china country. And compete for pistachio price.

Of course, despite the fact that pistachio price per kg is important for Chinese traders, however, the country also imports some types of pistachios, such as green peeled pistachio kernels, which are expensive in types of pistachio kernels.

Green peeled pistachio kernels

Green peeled pistachio kernels are a variety of pistachio nuts transported by pistachio exporters to China. The statistics show that in the year 2015, Iran exported more than 8800 kilos of pistachios and pistachios to China. Of course, as you can see, the volume of exports of green peeled pistachio kernels is less than the open pistachios in shell. In total, the exports of open pistachios in shell to China and most of the world are more than other pistachios.

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