Akbari pistachios price per kilo

Akbari pistachios price per kilo

What is the Akbari pistachios price per kilo? Is the difference between Akbari pistachios price and other varieties prices?

Among Iranian pistachio varieties, Akbari pistachio has the highest dollar value. The Akbari pistachio has been pulled in long pistachio group. In fact, the most drawn is the Persian pistachio.

The size of the pistachio Akbari is in the range of 18 to 26 numbers per ounce. It is one of the most largest types of Iranian pistachios.

Pistachio Akbari, although there is not much difference in price with the same size of cultivars like Kalleh Ghuchi pistachio, but has the highest dollar value among all the cultivars.

The Akbari pistachios price per kilo for export

The Akbari pistachio not only has a good market in Iran, but also has successful exports to different countries. From the buyer countries of the pistachio Akbari, we can mention the EU, Iraq as well as Russia, UAE, Turkey and … .

The size and quality of the buyer’s country determines the Akbari pistachios price per kilogram of pistachios for export. Of course, there are other factors that affect the price. Such as the volume of the purchase, the type of packaging, etc. We have already provided an article on this. European countries, including Germany, demand the best quality pepper pistachios. And countries such as Iraq have a product of reasonable price and acceptable quality.

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