pistachio wholesale price

pistachio wholesale price

The pistachio wholesale price is determined by the type, size and quality of pistachio. Obviously, for different qualities, the price of pistachios will vary.

If you intend to import pistachio, you should pay a lot of attention. Choose the pistachio variety and the ounce to match the taste of the country of destination. Stay tuned for information on this.
The pistachios of Akbari, Kalleh Ghuchi, Ahmad Aghaei and Fandoghi are suitable for which countries market? Investigating this knowledge can lead to proper selection of pistachios.


Iranian pistachio wholesale price

For example, Akbari pistachio is a favorite of countries such as Iraq, Russia, UAE, Turkey and …. Or Pistachio Ahmad Aghaei, which is very popular among countries such as India, Russia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Germany, Pakistan, etc. Fandoghi pistachios are exported to most countries, including China, the European Union, Russia, Qatar and …. Also Kalleh Ghuchi Pistachios are well sold in the European Union market.

In addition to the importance of pistachio cultivars, its size and quality are also important. China, for example, asks for modest and low-priced Fandoghi pistachios, while EU Member States pay attention to aflatoxin pistachios in purchasing Fandoghi pistachios. Or the country of Qatar likes the large size of hazelnut pistachio.

Therefore, the wholesale price of pistachios will be different in dealings with different countries. Because different countries require different pistachio qualities. And we know that different qualities have different prices.

Obviously, buying pistachios and importing them to your country, you need to first obtain information from your country’s standard and taste. Then you can choose the best type of pistachio to import to your country by identifying different varieties and types of pistachios.

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