slivered pistachios sydney

slivered pistachios sydney

In the article “slivered pistachios Sydney”, we talk briefly about Iranian pistachios slice. Iran slivered Pistachios have global customers. We can refer to Sydney from among the global customers of Iran’s pistachio slice. What is the characteristics of the pistachio slice in Iran that has led to its export expansion?

The pistachio slice is a special product of pistachio, which is the only consumer of those food industry units. Food industry units, such as confectioneries, hotels, restaurants, are the cultivators of this product. Of course, supermarkets and hypermarkets also offer this product in small packages for home use.


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The most important characteristics of the pistachio slice include the color, size, taste and being fresh of the pistachio slice. The pistachio slice is used to improve the taste and decorate it. Accordingly, the taste of the pistachio slice is very important.

Pistachios have a very tasty taste. This has made it very suitable for the production of various pistachios. Among different cultivars of Iran’s pistachio, Ghazvini variety is suitable for the production of products such as slices.


Countries that import Iranian pistachios sliced

Many countries around the world import Iranian pistachios. Among them, some of the countries that have a thriving sweetener industry are importing a variety of Iranian pistachio products, such as slivered pistachios. Among the countries where the customer is Iran’s pistachio slice, we can mention Australia and cities like Sydney.

The packing of Iran’s pistachio slice is bulk in big cartons (5.5 kg and 22 kg). It’s different qualities that they differ from its color and size. Of course, small grams packing are also sold for sale in stores.

In the article, “slivered pistachios Sydney”, you are familiar with some of Iran’s pistachio slices and its customers.

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