pistachio nuts for sale philippines

pistachio nuts for sale in the philippines

Pistachio nuts for sale in the Philippines can be selected from a variety of pistachio qualities. But we need to consider a few cases of imports of pistachios to the Philippines.

Asian countries often enjoy Iran pistachios because of its taste and quality. A significant percentage of their market demand is also provided by Iran. A number of countries, in addition to supplying their product for pistachios, buy and re-export it.

Many Asian countries that can be found in the UAE, India, Hong Kong, China and … are Iran pistachio buyers. Among the Asian countries, the Philippines is also among the major Iran pistachio clients. The Philippines imports a significant amount of pistachios from Iran annually.

Best Pistachio Nuts For Sale In The Philippines

The tips for selling pistachio nuts in the Philippine market include:

  • Good quality for the Philippine market: Pistachios in shell as well as pistachio kernels are suitable by the Philippines country. In other words, the Philippines buys and imports both types of products. Both the pistachios in sell and also the pistachio kernels.
  • Pistachio packaging: The buyer selects the product packaging. Iran’s pistachio packaging is normally 50kg bags for pistachios in shell and 10kg cartons for pistachio kernels. But with the development of food packaging and pistachio industry in Iran, Iran can accept its customers’ demand for other types of packaging.

The consumption market of different countries is unique due to the different taste of the people of each country than other countries. This is evident in the order of the product and the import. Iran’s pistachio exporters are aware of this issue and provide customers with the opportunity to respond to customers from around the world.

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