pistachio price per ton 2018

pistachio price per ton 2018

The pistachio price per ton 2018 may differ from the pistachio price per kilo, some vendors may declare differently. What is the reason for this?

The wholesale price of pistachios is quite different from its retail price. The reason is the cost of the pistachio processing, transfer and sale.

Most pistachio prices are lower than retail prices. You may have heard that traders demand pistachios price per ton, as well as pistachio prices per kilogram. Or they will declare the tonnage of their purchase in the price inquiry from the supplier. What is the difference between these two?

The pistachios price per ton and pistachio price per kilogram

In the price announcement in both ways, the minimum order quantity must be specified. Exporting companies or merchant sellers often quote prices based on purchasing volume.

If the volume of the purchase is specified and the MOQ parameter is declared, the price of pistachios per ton will not be different from the price of pistachios per kilo. But if the volume of the purchase is not included and there is no limit to the MOQ, then the purchase price per ton will be different from the pistachio sales price per kilo.

MOQ: Minimum Order Quantity

Many exporting companies specify the price, range, and minimum order (MOQ ). Therefore, the price of pistachios per ton is equal to the price of pistachios per kilo. But some companies do not define MOQ because they work both retail and wholesale. And that’s why pistachio prices are often different for each kilogram of pistachio price per ton in these companies.

Anata Nuts Company

We are active in the field of pistachio exports. Therefore, we often offer MOQ during the price announcement. The price per tonne of pistachios and the price per kilogram of pistachios we declare equals.
Of course, if our customer requests less than the amount of moq, then we will declare the final price and price.

You can contact us to order a variety of pistachios.

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