wholesale pistachio price in iran 2017

wholesale pistachio price in iran 2017

We will review the pistachio wholesale price in iran 2017 based on two dollar and rial rates. What is the difference in the pistachio price fluctuation based on these two rates?

The wholesale price of pistachios in the late 2017 and early 2018 on the basis of the rial increased significantly. While the pistachio price was not fluctuating to the dollar.
The main reason for this is that pistachios are often traded at a rate of dollars or euros. Not to the rial. But why?


Iran pistachio exports

The highest amount of pistachio that Iran produces is often offer globally. In global trading, the agreed rates for merchants from different countries are often dollars as well as euros. Therefore, the pistachios price is based on the dollar.
The dollar rally rate in the Iranian market fluctuates. Obviously, this fluctuation affects the price of pistachios based on the rial. Fortunately the month of April 2018 by specifying a fixed rate for the dollar by the Iranian government, we will not be seeing these fluctuations and differences on pistachio wholesale price in Iran.


Pistachio price

Pistachio price changes and fluctuations based on dollar rates will only occur if the global market situation changes. The two parameters of supply and demand affect this rate. (Of course, the price of pistachios is somewhat stable based on the dollar.)
Pistachio producers, Iran and the United States, are pricing products based on annual production and demand from consumer markets and market forecasts. Of course, there are also policies to guide the market by manufacturers that can be effective in determining market prices.

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