pistachio nuts wholesale price

iran pistachio nuts wholesale price

The pistachio nuts wholesale price varies from domestic sales to export sales. One of the reasons is the high volume of sales in the supply of exports, which requires competitive pricing.

We set the pistachio nuts wholesale price based on issues such as:

  • pistachio quality
  • pistachio type
  • volume of purchases
  • As well as additional costs such as transportation or customs duties on export sales.
  • And so on.

One of the most important issues is determining the pistachio nuts wholesale price, sales volume and packaging. In the sale of exports, sales are often high. Secondary steps are the generating process of side costs. If the volume of sales is high, the additional costs incurred will have a lesser impact on the price increase per pound of pistachios. But if the sales volume is low, this price increase will be tangible.


Packed pistachio nuts wholesale price

Another issue is packaging. This is a very significant issue in the price of the product. For example, if pistachios are packed in small packages such as cans of metal, vacuum or cellophane, the final price will vary from bulk pistachios.

the type of packaging should also be in accordance with the standards of destination country. In addition to pistachio quality.

For example, the level of pistachio aflatoxin exports to the European Union should be very low in the country. Therefore, the pistachio nuts wholesale price in the European Union is often higher than the price of pistachios in other countries such as China, Russia and others.

To purchase the quality of the pistachios and choose the right packaging, you can read the first step in the Catalog. Or contact us.


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