pistachio wholesale price in iran

wholesale pistachio price in iran 2018

The pistachio wholesale price in Iran has increased in 2018. This increase has also occurred in the pistachios price based on the dollar and the pistachios price based on the rial.

There are three major issues that may affect pistachio prices in a given time period. List these three topics as follows.

  • Pistachio supply in the market
  • The volume of demand for pistachios
  • Dollar price

The first two are quite obvious. Which applies to all products and goods.


Reasons for increasing the pistachio wholesale price in Iran 2018

Changes in supply, which can be affected by the amount of production or other events, affect the price of pistachio due to the impact on the amount of abundance. If there is a huge difference between the amount of demand and the supply, it is likely that we are seeing the price fluctuation.

But with the dollar rate, we can provide this explanation. As we have already mentioned, Iran is one of the most important sources of pistachio production in the world. Iran annually produces more than 230 thousand tons of pistachio per year. Of this amount of pistachios, a significant percentage of it is sold in international markets. Therefore, Iran trades a significant amount of pistachios at the dollar rate.

There is a problem that we want to mention. And that is the dollar fluctuation in Iran. If supply and demand are appropriate and suppliers can keep the price of pistachio at a constant dollar rate, the price of pistachios in Iran will fluctuate based on the rial rate. And the reason is the dollar fluctuation.

The main reasons for the fluctuation in the price of pistachios in Iran have been mentioned. These factors have led to an increase in the pistachio wholesale price in iran in 2018.

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