pistachio powder price

pistachio powder price

Pistachio powder price is determined by several parameters. One of the most important is the color of pistachio powder. Other important parameters in determining the price of pistachio powder are summarized below.

Companies and food industry units use pistachio powder with two purposes in their products.

Pistachio powder price for its various qualities

With the aim of improving the taste of the product:

  1. Pistachio is one of the oily ointments with a very good flavor and aroma. For this reason, their use in the industry of food has increased. It is clear that the taste and aroma of pistachio powder are very important. Pistachio powder, if fresh, has a unique flavor. While it is old, its taste will not be suitable and will make the bad taste in product.
  2. With the aim of decorating: the green color of the pistachio caused its presence in the product to enhance its appearance and beauty. Regarding this, the color of pistachios powder is green. Because some of the pistachio powder is yellow.
  3. The size of the pistachio powder is the next thing the manufacturers care about. Some customers like to see the coarser pistachio powder in the product and feel it under their teeth. And some also like fine pistachio powder. And in fact they want pistachio flour.

You can see that pistachio powder has different types and qualities. It is clear that this difference in quality and type leads to a difference in the pistachios powder price. So, we sale the pistachios powder at various prices.

Of course, which kind of pistachio kernels is used to process pistachio powder, has a direct impact on the final characteristics of pistachio powder, including its taste, color, nutritional value, and pistachio powder. We fully explained this in the ground pistachios section.

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