bulk pistachio kernels price per kilo

bulk pistachio kernels price per kilo

To determine the pistachio kernels price, we need to determine its type in the first step. The type of pistachio brain is determined by two issues. First, the type of pistachio used to process it and its processing method.

The pistachios have a lot of varieties. We can say that we have more than 12 types of pistachios. But why the high diversity of this product? The most important reasons are the following.


Pistachio kernels price

The first is the type of pistachio we use in the processing of pistachio kernels. For example, we can use the types of the pistachios for the processing of pistachio kernels. Such as:

  • Close shell pistachios
  • Open shell pistachios
  • And even small pistachios isolated from the main quality product, which are of low quality.

The pistachio kernels from these pistachios will be different from each other. And each one can be suitable for a group of customers.

For example, pistachio kernels produced from close shell pistachios are suitable for countries such as the European Union or Singapore, due to their low levels of aflatoxin. Or pistachio kernels produced from tiny pistachios can be cheaper, so more suitable for factories that are planning to produce pistachio butter, pistachio powder, and so on.


Pistachio kernels processing

Another issue that is considered in determining the type of pistachio kernels is the process of processing. For example, we can put the kernels obtained from unripe pistachios in two groups.

  • The unripe pistachio kernels
  • And also the green peeled pistachio kernels.

Both pistachios have been obtained from a kind of pistachio. But the type of processing performed on them is different. Therefore, two types of pistachio kernels are different from each other.

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