persian pistachios for sale bulk

persian pistachios for sale bulk

Persian pistachios for sale bulk are in different qualities. In this paper, we describe the various types of pistachios and their differences in price.

Different types of pistachios, in addition to the differences in pistachio type and variety, are also different in terms of quality. What does the difference in quality mean, and how much difference can this make on the price of pistachios?

A pistachio variety with a specific type, such as a Ahmad Aghaei naturally opened pistachio, can be of different sizes. In terms of specifications that indicate the quality of the cargo, they are also different. Below are the following.

Specifications for pistachios for bulk sale

The percentage of close shell pistachio seeds is one of the important issues. The standard amount of closed shell pistachio seeds in export products is often below 5%. This is different, depending on the destination country.

The next item is the percentage of bad beans. Includes half-smiling seeds, seeds that are crooked and so on. This is also important in determining product quality.

The percentage of foreign ingredients in the product, which often includes pistachios, or pistachio small branches, should also be very low within the product.

Another important point is the amount of pistachio aflatoxin. This parameter is very important and in the standard of different countries different values are defined for its limit. For example, in the EU Member States, this amount is 8 ppb for aflatoxin b1, and for aflatoxin total is 10 ppb.

The above mentioned items are among the most important determinants of pistachio quality. Changing each one can directly affect its price. Each of these is a disadvantage in pistachio cargo. The lower values these defects means higher pistachio quality. However, with higher pistachio quality, its monetary value will be higher.

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