iranian pistachios for sale in bulk

iranian pistachios for sale in bulk

 What are the quality and types of Iranian pistachios for sale? What is the price range for Iranian pistachios? In this article, we will describe these topics.

Iran is one of the most important pistachio exporter in the world. A large number of countries supply pistachios from Iran to their consumption market. Perhaps the great variety of pistachios in Iran has made it possible to reach the market of different countries.

Various Varieties of Iranian Pistachio For Sale

In this article, we would like to introduce you to Iranian pistachios. First we mention the main pistachio cultivars of Iran. The names of these figures are determined by their appearance. These figures are (we refer to the commercial and international names of pistachios):

  • Round pistachios
  • Jumbo Pistachio
  • Also Long Pistachio
  • As well as Super Long Pistachio

iran pistachio export company


We also put a picture of every pistachio. You can compare different types of pistachios. Is the variety of pistachios limited to the same 5 cultivars? No.

Iranian pistachios for sale and their size

Each pistachio variety is in three main natural open, mechanical open and also close mouths. But the category is not limited here. Each pistachio variety has a different size with a specific type. For example, the natural open round pistachio has a size of 28 to 38.

Each specific size also has a completely different physical and chemical profile. We consider these parameters in pistachio quality grading. As you can see, these parameters are fully described in the table below. Of course, this column is about natural open pistachios. (For mechanical open pistachios, close mouths pistachios and also other products, please read the product section.)

Iranian pistachios. Quality of type pistachios.

Important parameters in determining the quality of pistachio


I think this brief explanation is enough to see the Iranian pistachio has a very high quality. 

As for the price of different pistachios, The difference in the price of pistachios sometimes reaches over 7.5 $. Of course, the reason for the high price difference between different kinds of pistachios is that there is a big difference in their quality.

For more information on pistachios and pistachios, you can contact us. You can also read the sections of the products and catalog of the site.

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