Persian pistachios for sale in bulk

Persian pistachios for sale in bulk

Persian pistachios for sale in bulk are being marketed to the markets of various countries such as Russia, India, UAE, Germany, Yemen, Turkey, China, Iraq and ….

Iran is producer pistachios at high volumes. For this reason, Persian pistachios for bulk sale in the export sector are also being offered. Many countries in the world are Persian Pistachio customers and buy Persian pistachios in bulk for their consumption market. These countries are not unique to one continent, the world’s five continents are pistachios consumer.

The countries mentioned above are from Iranian pistachio customers. In fact, they are the most important customers. As you can see, both close and neighboring countries of Iran and the distant countries are on the list.

In this section, it is good to mention briefly the types of Persian pistachios in Iran for bulk sale.

Types of Persian pistachios for sale in bulk

Among the various types of Persian pistachios, there are several items that have the most production. For this reason, they also have the most exports. These varieties are commercial cultivars of Iranian pistachios.

Do you know these Persian pistachio cultivars ? We introduce them below.

Fandoghi pistachios and Kalleh Ghuchi pistachios are among the most important commercial pistachio cultivars in Iran. These two varieties account for the highest exports. Two other commercial pistachios are Akbari and Ahmad Aghaei. Of course, in recent years, the production of another cultivar, production of Badami pistachio has also increased in Iran, and this pistachio is also in the ranks of commercial pistachios in Iran.

These pistachios are available in varieties of in shell and also kernels. Which Iran offers them widely in the markets of different countries of the world.

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