bulk buy pistachio nuts uk

bulk buy pistachio nuts uk

The article “Bulk buy pistachio nuts uk” deals with the volume of annual imports of pistachios from Iran. We will report the customs statistics of Iran in this regard, and then we will review the results of the survey.

The Customs of the Islamic Republic of Iran provides annual statistics on exports of pistachios to various countries. The statistics provided by the Islamic Republic of Iran on the annual exports of pistachios to the UK show that Britain is a pistachio permanent customer of Iran. However, due to the increased quality of pistachio in Iran in the last decade, exports can be dramatically rising.

The annual exports of pistachios from Iran to England are presented below for three consecutive years.

Stats for bulk buy pistachio nuts uk

  1. In 2017, the annual export volume of pistachios from Iran to the UK was about 3,000 kg equivalent to three tonnes. Which includes pistachios and pistachio kernels.
  2. In 2016, exports were about 1,1018 kg, equivalent to about 10 tonnes. This amount also includes the types of pistachios and their products.
  3. Also, exports of pistachios from Iran to England in 2015, has approximately 10350 kg, equivalent to more than 10 tons.

These figures indicate that Britain is constantly buying pistachios from Iran for all the years. But the amount of this import is low. In recent years, luckily, the quality of Iranian pistachio increase. Also, the taste of Iran pistachios is unique in the world, so we expect that the pistachio exports will increase from Iran to UK.

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