pistachio wholesale sydney

pistachio wholesale sydney

In this article, pistachio wholesale Sydney, we will look at Australian standards for pistachio trade and its taste in pistachios.

Australia is one of the most prominent Iranian pistachio customers in the continent of oceania. There are many economic relations between Iran and Australia. For example, Australia buys a percentage of all kinds of food such as pistachio annually from Iran. Due to the presence of Iranians living in Australia, the country is a regular customer of Iran’s pistachios. Although we must state that the country also imports pistachios from the United States.

Sydney is Australia’s largest city. Obviously, it also has the highest levels of food intake. Therefore, Pistachio Wholesale Sydney has a good boom.

But what kind of Iranian pistachio is suitable for pistachio wholesale Sydney?

Different quality pistachios suitable for Pistachio wholesale Sydney

Australia imports pistachios in a variety of open shell pistachios and also pistachio kernels. The most important point about the type of pistachios imported into Australia is its pistachio standards.

Australia is one of the countries that has defined restrictions on pistachio aflatoxin. Therefore, the pistachio cargo suitable for import to Australia should comply with these rules.

We need to be careful about packaging pistachios. Iran’s route to Australia is long. If not suitable for the product, it may cause damage and damage. In other words, the quality of the product will decrease during transportation. One of the best packages of pistachios that protect the product from moisture, oxygen and heat, we can mention the vacuum packaging of anti-UV.

Iranian pistachios and pistachios are ready to sell and export to all over the world, including Australia.

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