raw unsalted pistachios

raw unsalted pistachios

Raw unsalted pistachios and kernels are used as nuts and also used in the food industry. Pistachios are from seeds that are very popular in its raw form.

The seeds of beans, which are used as nuts, are supplied in two kinds of raw and roasted. Some products, such as hazelnuts, are only roasted as nuts. While some other seeds, such as pistachios, can be used in raw form and are tasty and roasted.

The natural taste of pistachios is in itself unique. Although flavoring pistachios with a variety of additives, it improves its taste. But many consumers also like the natural and untouched pistachio flavor. Therefore, pistachios often choose raw unsalted pistachios.

Do you choose raw unsalted pistachios or flavored pistachios?

It depends entirely on the taste of the buyer country. Maybe you’re a merchant of a country that people like that kind of raw pistachios or vice versa. Therefore, we recommend that you purchase the country of consumption according to your needs.

Definitely the consumer’s taste is different. For example, some people like to experience the taste of pistachios, spicy taste and salinity as well. Then choose the type of pepper-salt pistachios. Some prefer the usual flavor of pistachios.

Perhaps the introduction of additives used in pistachio processing can help you to select the product.

  • The Saffron
  • Types of peppers and spices
  • The Salt
  • Also Lemon juice
  • Vinegar
  • As well as Aromatic Vegetables
  • Etc

Among the flavors used in roasting pistachios.

The types of raw pistachios without salt, as well as roasted pistachios are ready for delivery. You can order these products in bulk and also packaged. We are ready to ship the product as CIF ports of the destination country.

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