pistachio wholesale usa

pistachio wholesale usa

The “pistachio wholesale USA” is a term widely used by pistachio merchants. Because the USA is one of the major producers and exporters of pistachios in the world.

The USA does not have a long history of producing and exporting pistachios. It may be about 5 to 6 decades that started pistachio farming. But production has increased significantly over the same period.


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As we said, the US has greatly increased pistachio production. And now it is competing with the world’s oldest pistachio producer, Iran. For some years, Iran has ranked first in terms of pistachio production in the world, and also for some years, the United States. So America has become one of the pistachio wholesalers in the world. So we can justify the search of phrase “pistachio wholesale USA “.

People looking for pistachio wholesale USA are more likely to buy pistachios. Who intend to import pistachios. This country is one of the world’s leading sources of pistachio supplies. It is Iran’s second-largest pistachio exporter after Iran. Pistachio America, known as Pistachio Kerman. This variety has been transferred from the Kerman province in Iran to USA. Now known as the Pistachio Kerman.

The United States produces pistachios in a fully mechanized way. One of the advantages of American pistachio is good packaging. Although pistachios in Iran also have advantages that have attracted customers’ interest in Persian pistachios, including its very good taste.

Iran and the usa are the two main pistachios to produce and export. Therefore, they has been responsible for supplying this product in global markets.

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