qazvin pistachio wholesale

qazvin pistachio wholesale

qazvin pistachio is one of the Persian pistachio cultivars. This figure has unique characteristics that makes it unique among all types of Persian pistachios. In the following text we want to express this specification.

Perhaps you have rarely heard the name qazvin pistachio. Because these pistachios are not among the Iranian commercial pistachio cultivars. But the cultivation and production of this pistachio has grown for several decades in the Qazvin region of Iran. With the increase in the cultivation and production, due to its unique properties, quickly attracted the attention of consumers Persian pistachios in the world. The most important feature of qazvin pistachio is below.


Features of Qazvin pistachio

One of the main characterization of qazvin pistachio is the green color of this pistachio. The very green color of the qazvin pistachios is one of the most important reasons for attracting customers. This feature also led manufacturers of pistachio products, such as pistachio slices and pistachio powder, to use this product.

In fact, Qazvin pistachio slivered is famous. Maybe you have not heard the qazvin pistachios name. But most likely, in the query to buy Persian pistachio slice, You are faced with the name of Qazvin pistachios.

The highest quality of pistachio slices produced in Iran is related to Qazvini pistachio slices. Also, the pistachio powder obtained from this pistachios has a very high quality. Both in terms of color, taste and nutrition value. Because this pistachios has a very high nutritional value. The high fat percentage of qazvin pistachio is also very good due to its taste.

You can buy qazvin pistachio in the form of various products. In the form of pistachio in shell, pistachio kernels, slivered pistachios as well as pistachio powder.

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