pistachio kernels wholesale

pistachio kernels wholesale

Pistachio kernels wholesale in cartoons and vacuum packages. Of course, we also use a 70kg bag in certain cases for pistachio kernels.

Packaging in food production and trade is of particular importance. Because it plays an important role in maintaining product quality. It is very important in food trade that we can keep the product from high quality to the time it is consumed. And in trade and export, we can maintain its quality during transportation. This is possible with proper packaging.


Packing in pistachio kernels wholesale

Therefore, most exporting companies try to consider the best packaging for their products. For example, pistachios are among the products that have found many fans among the people of the world. The best packaging that is currently used in pistachio kernels wholesale is vacuum packaging – carton.

Vacuum Packing – Carton for pistachio kernels wholesale weighing 12 and 12.5 kg. Of course, the other kind of packaging used for pistachio kernels wholesale is a bag packing. Big seventy kilograms bags are also used for pistachio kernels. Of course, in this particular case, we use this type of packaging. In cases where the transportation route is short or for cheap pistachio kernels.

You need to get advice on choosing the type of packaging from the pistachio supplier. Because the pistachio supplier has better information about the quality of the product and its conditions. And can choose the best packaging for the product in accordance with the terms of sale and shipping.

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