pistachio kernels wholesale uk

pistachio kernels wholesale uk

In the pistachio kernels wholesale for sending to the UK according to the standards of this country, we need to pay attention to some things. We will discuss these below.

The UK has strict rules for importing pistachios. These rules include the Aflatoxin limit for pistachios. The pistachios shipments to the country should have the lowest levels of Aflatoxin contamination.

The pistachio kernels is one of the product’s pistachios that iran export its to UK. But what kind of pistachio kernels is suitable for export to the England?

Import of the pistachio kernels to England

The natural pistachio kernels, is divided into two groups based on the type of pistachio used for it’s processing. (Of course, the natural pistachio kernels, also called the “healthy floral pink brain”)

  1. The pistachio kernels obtained from the open shell pistachios.
  2. Also the pistachio kernels processed from mouth closed pistachios.

The pistachio kernels that processed from mouth closed pistachios, have higher levels of health. In other words, the amount of aflatoxin contamination is low. Therefore, in the pistachio kernels wholesale, to send to countries such as England, it is more suitable.

The pistachio kernels packaging on pistachios exports to England

The pistachio kernels in the transit route, if the environment is not favorable, it may suffer a loss of quality. So the proper packaging is very important. Proper packaging helps to maintain product quality. In the delivery of pistachio kernels to countries where the limit for aflatoxin has been determined, such as England, vacuum packaging is considered the best option.

The big exporters company pay attention to these points. And according to the standard, these countries will prepare and send pistachio cargo. Therefore, the most customers are happy with their cooperation.

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