pistachio nuts wholesale

pistachio nuts wholesale

Do you know why the price of pistachio nuts wholesale is cheaper than its retail price? This issue depends on the purchase costs.

In this article, we will raise the cost of pistachio sales. And we will announce the low price of pistachio nuts wholesale compared to the retail price. The cost of selling pistachios or any other product is as follows:

  • Secondary processing process
  • The cost of packing and loading
  • Also transport cost
  • Cost of discharge of cargo

The purchase amount is higher pistachio, although additional charges will also increase, but per kilogram of pistachios, these costs will be less. That is why the price of pistachios in the wholesale is lower than the retail price of pistachios.

The seller’s profit in the pistachio nuts wholesale

In the pistachio nuts wholesale, the profit we pay for each kilogram of pistachios is much lower than the profit we make in retail pistachios. Because the high volume of purchase, it can cover this reduction in profit per kilo. Therefore, in asking for the price of pistachios, it is very important to declare the volume of your purchase. We mean the seller, in the estimation of the final price of pistachios, consider the volume of the purchase.

Transportation companies also consider this. By increasing the delivered load, they reduce the shipping cost per kilo. Therefore, the cost of the side is also reduced.

You can quickly process your order and purchase order by visiting the shopping guide. Note Specifying your request details can help us prepare and send the best product as requested.

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