The pistachio company in iran

The pistachio company in iran

The Iran Pistachio company considering being in the source of pistachio production, it is considered as the main supplier of this product. The main countries producing pistachios in the world are Iran and the United States. Pistachio production in Iran has been around for centuries. It can be said that the main source of pistachio is Iran.

The annual production of pistachios in Iran is more than 230 thousand tons. A significant amount of pistachios produced in Iran are exported. Experts estimate the amount of exported products more than 85%. Thus only about 15% of pistachios consume the Iranian domestic market. Iran is on top of the list of pistachio exporters. Therefore, Iran is the main pistachio exporter in the world.

Most pistachio companies in Iran, which exports pistachio, are very well supplied with the main source of pistachio production. Supplying the product at high volumes at different time intervals over a year represents the strength of the exporting company.


Pistachio Supply by Iran Pistachio Company

A large number of pistachio buyers need to supply this product continuously. Perhaps over the course of one year it is often necessary to recycle its products. Therefore, they often tend to cooperate with supplying pistachio suppliers that have good supply power. In such a way that they can supply the product at the right time during the year if necessary.

According to the explanation given in the first part of the article, it is clear that pistachio companies in the main center of pistachio production often have high power. Thus they can meet the needs of their customers in different time periods.

Buying pistachios from the main supplier also has other advantages. We will discuss the following two issues. Of course, we raised these issues in the article “Pistachio Export Company in Iran“.

  • Access to affordable pistachios
  • Also access to the best quality for the agreed price

These are the things that any trader will pay attention to. Because buying pistachios with good prices and quality can make a success of the merchant in his business.

Tabriz Green Diamond Pistachio Company with (Anata Nuts Co), Iranian Pistachio Nuts, exports the major product to the whole world.

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