pistachio bulk price

pistachio bulk price

In announcing the pistachio bulk price, should be considered side costs. By estimating the customs and transit fees, the export price of pistachios is determined.

Iran is one of the main pistachio producers in the world. The provinces in the country are engaged in pistachio production. The annual production of pistachios in Iran is more than 2500 tons.Yearly, a significant amount of pistachios are exported from Iran. It can be said that more than 85% of pistachios produced in Iran are exported.

The countries of China, UAE, India, Russia, Germany, Vietnam and … Important buyers of pistachios in the world market. Iran’s direct exports to more than 170 countries around the world.

A significant percentage of sales are carried out in bulk. And a few percentage of the packaged pistachios exported. These two products are different in terms of price. Bread pistachio prices are lower than pistachios. And because of the side costs that are available for packaging.


Estimated Pistachio Bulk Price

The pistachio bulk price are lower than the price of packed pistachios. Because there are fewer side costs for bulk pistachio sales. The packaging process, in addition to adding value to the product, has side costs that increase the price of the product.

There are also plenty of costs to estimate pistachio bulk prices. Including transportation and customs fees. The final price of pistachios is determined when the delivery term and the volume of purchase are agreed between the buyer and the seller. After that, the exporter can estimate the side costs and declare the final price.

To find out the price of your pistachio price, contact us to answer your request. You can simply get the purchase terms, and quickly register your order.

Or please refer to the shopping guide section on the front page of our site. We have fully explained the purchase process in this section.

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