pistachios for sale bulk

pistachios for sale bulk

How is bulk pistachios sale? Can all pistachio products be purchased in bulk? What kind of packaging is used to buy pistachios?

Pistachios are sold in bulk and also packaged in the consumer market. The type of small or large bulk packaging is chosen according to the taste of the buyer’s country, also the standards of the country of destination and so on. Of course, we also consider the postal package, the conditions and the shipping route. Because it may damage the quality of the pistachio in transit.

Pistachios for bulk sale include pistachios in shell, pistachio kernels, as well as pistachio products that include sliced pistachios and pistachio powder.

But the point in bulk pistachios sale is bulk packaging. Packing in high weights is used for bulk pistachios. These packages often have a weight of 10 to 70 kg.


Packing in the bulk pistachios sale

We introduce the types of packaging for bulk pistachios below.

1) Pistachio bag packing, which is often made of Propylene sacks. The weights of these bags are 30, 50 and 70 kilograms.

2) Carton: Available in 10, 12.5, 22 and also 24 kg volumes.

3) Vacuum-carton Packing: Vacuuming pistachios and then transferring them inside the carton can greatly increase the time spent keeping pistachios.

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