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unsalted pistachio nuts shelled

Do you like unsalted pistachio nuts shelled or salted pistachios? Do you know the taste of the people of your country in buying pistachios?

Pistachio nuts without shellfish are as tasty as flavored pistachios. Even some consumers, because of the natural taste of pistachios that feel raw pistachios, love it more. This is very important. Particularly merchants should investigate this issue in their country in order to know the taste of the people of their country.

If you are aware of the taste of the people of your country in buying and using pistachios, you can bring the right product to your country and so have a more successful business.

We will provide you with information on unsalted pistachio nuts shelled in this section. Certainly, this information can help you as a merchant and pistachio importer.

Types of unsalted pistachio nuts shelled

unsalted pistachio nuts shelled placed into two categories:

  1. The first category is raw pistachios. We use this category to enter the market without the process of roasting and flavoring.
  2. The second group is salt-free pistachios. We roast these pistachios, but do not use salt or other ingredients to flavor it.
  3. And the third group is the unsalted pistachio nuts shelled. This group are roasted and flavored, but no salt has been used in their processing.

You can import any of these products to your local market. Certainly, before importing, getting information about the taste of your people in your country can help you sell these products.

If you would like more detailed information about these three categories of pistachios and even salted pistachios, please send us your question through one of the following communication methods.

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