pistachio nuts sale

pistachio nuts sale

For successful pistachio nuts sale, we need to know the pistachios in the first step. In the next step, we need to examine the market of the country of destination and get acquainted with its taste and the barriers that we may face in importing pistachios.

If you plan to add pistachio products to your business listings, getting to know this product is very important. You must obtain the relevant information about this product and, of course, information about its trading. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for you to trade and pistachio nuts sale. Of course, as noted above, after recognizing this product and familiar with its trading rules, you need to check the market for your arrival and pistachio nuts sales.


Familiarity with the types of pistachios for sale

The most important pistachio suppliers in the world are Iran and the United States. In this article, we will give a brief overview of the types of pistachios.

Among the various pistachio varieties, pistachios that have boomed in their trade include Akbari, Fandogi, Ahmad Aghaei, Kalleh Ghuchi and Badami. Perhaps the first question that comes to your mind is, what is the difference between these varieties?

These figures are different in appearance. And of course they are also different sizes. For example, pistachios Akbari has an elongated shape and its from long pistachios family group. Also, these pistachios have an ounce of 18 to 26.

We introduce another pistachio model. Fandoghi pistachio. Fandoghi pistachios is round. And for this reason it is also grouped in the group of round pistachios. The size of this pistachio is in the range of 28 to 36 oz.

We think with this brief explanation, you are somewhat familiar with the variety of pistachios. For additional information on each of the five pistachio varieties, please refer to the catalog. Or contact us.

But another important point is that the consumer market in each country chooses to buy and taste differently than other countries. So, along with knowing pistachios, you need to look at the market of your destination country for pistachio nuts sale. So you can select the right product.

Of course, know that pistachios have a flavored type. For example lemon flavored pistachio nuts. You can also look at the your country market that it like raw or flavored pistachios. And if it likes flavored pistachios, what kind of it is suitable.

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