Price of pistachio Chinese

Price of pistachio Chinese

In the article “Price of pistachio Chinese”, we will address the issue of re-exporting Iranian pistachios from China. And then we will introduce models of Iranian pistachios for sale in China the most appropriate type.

INC’s statistics show the average annual exports of pistachios from China to about 14% of global exports of pistachios. Is China a pistachio producer?

China is not a pistachio producer. But there are pistachio exporters. Iran and the United States A significant amount of pistachios export annually to China. A percentage of these pistachios are consumed in the Chinese domestic market, and a percentage re-enters into the consumption market of other countries. In fact, these figures relate to the re-export of pistachios from China.


Pistachio price in china

China has the highest consumption and imports of pistachios in the world according to inc. The following table shows the amount of pistachios imported by different countries. As you can see, China is at the forefront of importers. A percentage of pistachios imported into China are Iranian pistachios. In fact, China is one of the most important importers of Iranian pistachios.


Of all kinds of Persian pistachios, Chinese merchants love the pistachio models which have acceptable quality and relatively lower prices. Price of pistachio Chinese is very important issue or chines merchants. Therefore, Fandoghi and Ahmad Aghaei in the type of mechanically open have the highest sales to China.

Although the largest product imported into China is open shell pistachios. But China also imports product’s pistachios like pistachio kernels and pistachio slice.

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